The Dual Publishers’ authors currently include:

Swami Maheshananda

Swami Maheshananda

Swami Maheshananda is a renunciate, which means that all materiality has been given up and the past has been ‘burnt away’, nothing can be known about it.
He is a thinker, teacher and writer and the Spiritual Head of the Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute at Lonavla, Maharastra State, India.

He lives minimally at the Ashram Kuti where morning and evening Agnihotra (fire ceremony with Vedic chanting) is practised and all are welcome to attend.

Swami Maheshananda writes on all of life’s important themes, which means that what he says is both meaningful and relevant to everyone.

His style of writing often seems to take the reader on an adventure through the mind but always returns to the central focus, sometimes in surprising ways.

Stuart Rose

Dr Stuart Rose

Born in London, Stuart has travelled widely and followed various material and spiritual paths.

While reading for his Religious Studies doctorate in his 40s he met with Ramana Maharshi and the lineage through Shankaracharya, Dakshinamurti and the Upanishads. After this he felt there was no need of anything further.

Several books exploring duality and non-duality have been written and edited and Stuart continues this now living in Norfolk, England.

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